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Use Volunteerica whenever you need volunteers to inform you of their work.

Every day, volunteers can note how many hours they worked, what they did, and any donated money or materials they collected. When they're done, they can email you the report as a CSV file, which you can open in any major spreadsheet program. Simple!

We've put a lot of time and effort into making Volunteerica as clean, simple, and feature-free as possible, letting you collect the data and then get on with your other work. There is no knob-tweaking and other fiddly setup process for your volunteers; just a simple way to collect the data you need, when you need it, in a uniform and consistent way.

We created Volunteerica to manage our own volunteerism reporting within the New Mexico State University Cooperative Extension Service, but we realized many other people could use it, too. If you need volunteers to report the hours they work for you, Volunteerica will save you a lot of time and headaches.

Available on the App Store

iPad Screenshots

iPhone Screenshots

Without an iDevice?

If you wish to standardize on Volunteerica for all your volunteer reporting needs, you may have some volunteers without iPhones or iPads which will need to do reporting.

In this case, you can have them fill out a spreadsheet and send it to you, so that you can aggregate the data using a single workflow. To assist with this, we've created a ZIP archive containing an Excel and a Numbers spreadsheet which can be downloaded and used for this purpose.

Using these spreadsheet files, your volunteers can submit data to you in the same manner that Volunteerica users do.


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