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Jungle Gym 1

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Come and see what lives in the jungle with your two friends! When children move along with this interactive app, they perform specific movements demonstrated by the characters to build specific gross motor skills. Jungle Gym gives kids language to describe different movement patterns while allowing them to master the basics to progress to more advanced movements.

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Jungle Gym - illustrated opening screen with two kids Jungle Gym - illustrated  screen with a path through the jungle Jungle Gym - illustrated  screen with character in jungle with zebras

Jungle Gym 2

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Ready to start an exciting adventure? Come join our two friends as they go exploring. Children perform fun movements, demonstrated by the characters, to overcome roadblocks and accomplish adventures.

The interactive educates children on more advanced movement-based vocabulary while offering them the opportunity to practice new and familiar movements.

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Jungle Gym - opening screen illustration of two kids Jungle Gym - menu screen Jungle Gym - illustration of character near a path in the jungle

Tasting Party Express

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Getting kids and monsters to try new foods can be tricky... Tasting Party Express puts your child in charge! Players feed various foods to different characters, placing the new food items on their plates and seeing their reactions.

This app is designed to teach children specific food tasting vocabulary and excite them to try new foods themselves.

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Tasting Party Express - two characters, unhappy boy and happy creature, sitting in kitchen with plate and different kinds of fruits Tasting Party Express - two characters, happy girl and blue creature sitting in kitchen with plate and different kinds of fruits Tasting Party Express - characters from app


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Spin the wheel to select from four sets of themed activities (Moving like Food, Moving like Animals, Playing at the Park, or Going on a Picnic).

Each wheel includes various physical movements that the player randomly selects by pulling the lever. Wiggle like spaghetti, jump like a frog, swing a baseball bat... how will the app ask YOU to move?

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Spin-n-Move selector Spin-n-Move boy character with gum on shoe Spin0n-Move - girl character jumping

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