4-H Livestock Record

4-H Livestock Record
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Do you agonize over 4-H record keeping? Now you can organize your market livestock project information on your iPhone or iPad and send customized reports right to your email inbox.

  • Track your 4-H'ers and their individual livestock project animals
  • Track participation in events, meetings, shows, contests and more
  • Record animal weights, feed, and health and monitor average daily gains
  • Enter project income, expenses, and assets to generate financial statements
  • Use photos to customize each 4-H'er and animal
  • Export reports to analyze in spreadsheets, create graphs, or use in your state or local 4-H record keeping forms

Thanks to the generous sponsorship of Tractor Supply Company, National 4-H Council brings you this easy, flexible way to keep all your 4-H market livestock records all together in one place.

So stop writing animal weights on feed sacks and trying to re-create records from calendars, checkbooks and faded receipts. There's a better way!

For more information about 4-H please visit the 4-H website. http://www.4-h.org

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4-H Livestock Record screenshot
4-H Livestock Record screenshot
4-H Livestock Record screenshot