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Innovative Media Research and Extension Mobile Apps

Test Strip Lab icon
Test Strip Lab

Learn how to accurately test chlorine levels in irrigation water and how to avoid common pitfalls of chlorine testing systems.

Preschool App Suite

This series of apps for young children supports healthy movement and eating. The apps guide children in fun adventures that build strength and physical development and expand their food tasting vocabulary.

Kid Eats Cooking
Kid Eats Cooking

Learn how to prepare vegetables and cook safely with your child. Kid Eats provides educational videos, healthy recipes, and a fun virtual kitchen experience suitable for youth in grades 3-6.

Night of Living Debt

Night of the Living Debt
Zombies and debts have a lot in common. Stay on your toes, and you should be able to handle them. In Night of the Living Debt, manage your finances or be eaten alive by bad credit.

Virtual Labs

Virtual Labs
Learn basic laboratory techniques and practice methods used by researchers and technicians in a variety of careers, using specific food science lab processes.

Math Snacks Ratio Rumble

Ratio Rumble
The battle is on in this math game where you build your own potions! Check your ratios to win the mixture mix-off. Grades 5-8

Eat Move O Matic

Learn about the foods you eat and how they help fuel your body for your favorite activities.

Math Snacks Pearl Diver
Pearl Diver(iPhone and iPad)

Learn the number line while diving for pearls amidst shipwrecks and sunken ruins. Grades 3-8.

Math Snacks Lobster Diver
Lobster Diver (iPhone and iPad)

Learn the number line while diving for lobster on the Maine coast! Grades 3-8.

Math Snacks Video Player
Math Snacks Videos (iPhone and iPad)

Short animations that present mathematics in a very different way. Grades 3-8.

(App includes six animated videos, learner guides, and comic book transcripts in English and Spanish, as well as teacher guides in English.)

4-H Livestock Record
4-H Livestock Record Book

The app is now updated for iOS11. Please update your app on iPhone or download the new iPad app to access your data on iOS11.

Tracking app for livestock project animals. Suitable for individual 4-Hers or for 4-H leaders and volunteers.

PowerPay Debt Elimination
PowerPay Debt Elimination

Discover how quickly you can become debt free, and how much you can save in interest costs by following your debt reduction plan.

e-Judging Pro

e-Judging Pro

Contest management tool especially for livestock, horse, and/or consumer-decision-making contests.


Basic tools for easy contestant score calculation during a livestock or consumer judging contest.

Southwest Plant Selector
Southwest Plant Selector

Select landscape plants that thrive in New Mexico with little or no supplemental water.

Other NMSU Apps

How Well Do You Know New Mexico
How Well Do You Know New Mexico?

Can you correctly label the 22 American Indian Pueblos, Nations, and Tribes in the state?

Touch Sound
Touch Sound

Helps young children learn to receptively identify initial phonemes.