Night of the Living Debt ™

Night of Living Debt
Night of Living Debt

  • Best Overall Digital Game, Meaningful Play Conference, 2016
  • Gold Award, International Serious Play Conference, 2016
  • Finalist, Serious Games Showcase & Challenge, 2016

Survive the zombie outbreak by managing your finances. Do you have what it takes?

Get college loans, buy a car, buy a house: It's your decision. Zombies and debts have a lot in common. Stay on your toes, and you should be able to handle them. In Night of the Living Debt, manage your finances or be eaten alive by bad credit.

Night of the Living Debt is excellent for group learning activities or in the classroom. Designed for high schoolers, it is also suitable for youth or adults interested in learning about credit issues and debt. For supporting materials please visit the Night of the Living Debt | Northwest Youth Financial Education page.

Night of the Living Debt was designed and produced by New Mexico State University Media Productions with support from the University of Idaho Extension, CoBANK, and Northwest Youth Financial Education. During development, it was tested in classroom settings and in the NMSU Learning Games Lab. This formative evaluation and research space follows user-testing protocols developed by in-house researchers and engages in other industry standards for collecting qualitative feedback from research subjects and participants.

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Night of Living Debt
Night of Living Debt
Night of Living Debt

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