e-Judging Pro

e-Judging Pro is a valuable contest management tool, especially for livestock, horse, and/or consumer-decision-making contests that utilize a Hormel card placing system. e-Judging Pro saves, manages and exports contest data, including names, teams, multiple classes, reasons, and scores. Enter the Judge's Placing and Class Cuts and eJudging Pro will calculate individual and team scores for classes, age groups, teams and individuals. The app is ideal for practice sessions to track individual performance and also has a stand-alone Hormel card calculator that can be used without tracking individuals.

eJudging Pro provides:

  • Contestant/Team Data by age division
  • Official placings with cuts for individual classes
  • Easy input of individual placings for each class
  • Reasons scores
  • Calculation of Results for individual and teams
  • Export of all results to a CSV text files (comma separated values).

Manage the contest by entering contestants into the app before a contest. Once at the contest, enter the official results and cuts for each class, followed by each individual's placing for each class to produce the results of the contest.

e-Judging app
e-Judging pro app
e-Judging pro app
e-Judging app