4-H Livestock Record

4-H Livestock Record is now updated for iOS11. Please update your app on iPhone or download the new iPad app to access your data on iOS11. Please remember to export your data frequently.

Do you agonize over 4-H record keeping? Now you can organize your market livestock project information on your iPhone or iPad and send customized reports right to your email inbox.

  • Track your 4-H'ers and their individual livestock project animals
  • Track participation in events, meetings, shows, contests and more
  • Record animal weights, feed, and health and monitor average daily gains
  • Enter project income, expenses, and assets to generate financial statements
  • Use photos to customize each 4-H'er and animal
  • Export reports to analyze in spreadsheets, create graphs, or use in your state or local 4-H record keeping forms

Thanks to the generous sponsorship of Tractor Supply Company, National 4-H Council brings you this easy, flexible way to keep all your 4-H market livestock records all together in one place.

So stop writing animal weights on feed sacks and trying to re-create records from calendars, checkbooks and faded receipts. There's a better way!

For more information about 4-H please visit the 4-H website. http://www.4-h.org

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Here's what users are saying about the 4-H Livestock Record:

"A must-download app for all 4-Hers"

"We have found this app to be convenient, comprehensive, and intuitive. Works great for our FFA project animals as well as 4-H marketing animals."

"Best app in the 4-H world"

"This is a very user-friendly app that I think every 4-H member should have on their phone or iPod. I am thankful that my son has access to this app for his 4-H market hog project. The flexibility of the record keeping of this app are outstanding."

"Fantastic app! So glad to finally have an app to help my kids keep track of info for their 4-H projects." 

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screenshot of app
screenshot of app